Tightness in the Throat: Causes and Treatments

Does your throat feel tight or such as you can’t swallow your food?

Many things will cause this. Not all ar serious. Let your doctor recognize promptly if it doesn’t get away or if you have got the other symptoms with it.


Heartburn could be a common downside which will cause tightness in your throat. Your throat will feel sore or burn. you may notice it arduous to swallow. It will last anyplace from minutes to hours.

This condition happens once abdomen acid rises in your gorge and creeps into your throat. If this happens usually, it should be a proof of oesophageal reflux, or GERD.

You can get symptom once you eat an enormous meal or if you lie right once consumption. Some foods and drinks will trigger it. This includes tomatoes, spicy or fatty foods, alcohol, or foods with many acid, like citrus. Stress, smoking, and fatness create it a lot of doubtless that you’re going to get the picture.

If symptom causes your throat tightness, you may even have these symptoms:

  • Pain or burning in your chest once meals, after you lie, or after you bend over
  • Bitter, sour, or salty style in your mouth
  • a sense like food is stuck in your throat or chest

To keep it from happening, avoid trigger foods. Stop consumption a minimum of three hours before you move to bed. it should facilitate to lift the top of your bed vi inches to stay abdomen acid wherever it belongs whereas you sleep.

When it will strike, you’ll strive unlisted (over-the-counter) antacids.

For intense or frequent attacks, see your doctor. you will would like prescription medication to manage abdomen acid.

Allergic Reaction

Anaphylaxis could be a quick, robust hypersensitive reaction to one thing — usually a food, drug, or insect sting. It will cause your throat to stiffen suddenly. you will desire it’s terribly arduous to swallow. It will happen minutes or hours once your exposure.

If AN hypersensitive reaction is that the reason for your throat tightness, you may have a number of these different symptoms:

  • Low vital sign
  • bother respiration
  • vertigo or fainting
  • fidgety mouth, eyes, or throat
  • Hives or rash
  • Pale or light-blue skin
  • abdomen pain or regurgitation

Your doctor might inflict AN vasoconstrictor self-injection pen to stay handy if you recognize you have got any allergies that would cause hypersensitivity reaction. bear in mind that you’re going to still have to be compelled to decision 911 promptly once you utilize it: the medication will wear off, otherwise you might have a second reaction.


If you continue to have your tonsils, you’ll get rubor. That’s once tonsils become inflamed thanks to AN infection from viruses or bacterium.

Tonsillitis makes your tonsils swell and hurt. Your throat feels terribly sore. you will notice it arduous to swallow. liquid body substance nodes in your throat and neck will tumefy, too.

If rubor is that the reason for your tight throat, you will even have these symptoms:

  • Red throat
  • Fever
  • cacophonic voice
  • White or xanthous patches on the rear of your throat
  • Headache
  • Bad breath

If it’s caused by a virus infection, treat it with rest, heat liquids, throat lozenges, and gargles with brine to ease throat pain and tightness. NSAID or painkiller might ease fever and pain.

If a microorganism infection is that the cause, your doctor will inflict antibiotics.

If it happens usually or makes it arduous for you to breathe, swallow food, or sleep, you will would like surgery to get rid of your tonsils.


A goitre is once your thyroid swells. this is often an enormous, butterfly-shaped organ at the bottom of your throat. It makes hormones that keep your metabolism in balance. once it gets larger, it will create your throat feel tight and closed up.

A goitre will happen if you don’t get enough iodine in your diet. This mineral is a crucial a part of your thyroid’s internal secretion production.

Most people get enough iodine as a result of it’s additional to most seasoning. It’s conjointly found in food, seaweed, farm product like food or milk, and grains.

A goitre might happen if your levels of internal secretion ar too low or too high. Graves’ illness is once your thyroid makes too several hormones. Hashimoto’s illness is once it makes too few.

Your thyroid may grow nodules that cause swelling in your throat. Most of the time they are not serious. however thyroid cancer may cause throat swelling and tightness.

If a goitre is that the reason for your throat tightness, you will even have these symptoms:

  • Lump in your neck that you simply will feel or see below the skin
  • issues swallowing
  • bother respiration
  • Cough
  • Hoarse, unsmooth voice

If you think that you will have a goitre, see your doctor. Your doctor will feel your throat for any lumps and run tests to search out the cause, such as:

biopsy to live your internal secretion levels or spot any antibodies that counsel thyroid illness

Ultrasound or scan of your thyroid

Thyroid diagnostic assay to put off a fluid sample that’s sent to a research lab for testing

Treatment of a goitre depends on the cause. If your case is gentle and solely causes a bit swelling, you will simply have to be compelled to watch it.

To get enough iodine, use halogen seasoning and eat soldier or shellfish, or algae foods like dish. shrink on iodine if your doctor says you get an excessive amount.

Medications will either raise or lower your internal secretion levels to induce them back to traditional. this will scale back the swelling.

If you have got a really giant goitre that produces it arduous to breathe or swallow food, you’ll have surgery to get rid of half or all of your thyroid. Thyroid cancer is additionally treated with surgery.