The nose is that the body’s primary organ of smell and additionally functions as a part of the body’s system respiratorium.

Air comes into the body through the nose. because it passes over the specialized cells of the modality system, the brain acknowledges and identifies smells. Hairs within the nose clean the air of foreign particles. As air moves through the nasal passages, it’s warm and humidified before it goes into the lungs.

The most common medical condition associated with the nose is nasal congestion. this could be caused by colds or respiratory disorder, allergies, or environmental factors, leading to inflammation of the nasal passages. The body’s response to congestion is to with convulsions expel air through the nose by a sneeze.

Nosebleeds, well-known medically as hemorrhage, square measure a second common medical issue of the nose. As several as sixty % of individuals report epistles experiences, with the very best rates found in youngsters below ten and adults over fifty.

Rhinoplasty may be a cosmetic surgery procedure for issues, each medical and aesthetic, with the nose.