• Complete History

Complete History

Family History  A key element of the family history is whether parents or siblings have had manifestations of coronary artery disease before the age Read More
  • General Examination

General Examination

Symptoms and signs elicited from the general aspects of the history and physical examination are the first signals that alert clinicians toward specif Read More
  • Oncological Cases
  • Head And Neck Cases

Case Handling

We handle cases related to oncology and head and neck surgery cases referring with our affiliations. Read More
  • Surgeries
  • Specialized Investigations


We Book Patients For Surgeries And Specialized Investigations. Read More
  • Neck
  • FNAC
  • Barium Swallow

Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy uses sound waves to help locate a nodule or abnormality within the thyroid and remove a tissue samp Read More
  • MRI Scan Of Brain

MRI Scan

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain is a safe and painless test that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to produce detailed images of the Read More
  • CT Scan

CT Scan

A computed tomography (CT or CAT) scan allows doctors to see inside your body. It uses a combination of X-rays and a computer to create pictures of yo Read More
  • Vestibulometry Testing

Vestibulometry Testing

What is Vestibular Testing?   Vestibular testing consists of a number of tests that help determine if there is something wrong with the vestibul Read More
  • BSER Testing

BSER Testing

The Brainstem evoked response (BSER) is a hearing test. This test measures the brainstem’s responses to clicking sounds which checks the auditory (h Read More
  • Electrocochleography


Electrocochleography (abbreviated ECochG or ECOG) is a technique of recording electrical potentials generated in the inner ear and auditory nerve in Read More

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