This is a method allows you to balance the pressure between your outer ear and middle ear. We restore the balance by blowing air in the middle ear through the Eustachian tubes.

How to perform?

  1. Breathe in normally. Do not inhale deeply.
  2. Old your breath.
  3. Gently pinch your nose with your index and your thumb.
  4. Close your mouth.
  5. Blow softly, no harder then you would when you blow your nose. The air should not come out through your nose. It has to go in your ears via the Eustachian tubes; pretending to swallow often helps.
  6. You should never feel pain in you ears; if you do stop the maneuver.
  7. Breathe normally. The pressure in your ears should be balanced and you should no longer have pain or feel pressure in your ears.
  8. Repeat the maneuver if necessary.
  9. While diving: use the maneuver during the descent phase. Do not perform it for the ascent phase, it could be very risky.
  10. Airplane: use the maneuver during landings.
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